A Brief History on Street Sweepers

Street sweepers silently play a huge part in our society. You probably don’t often think of the history of street sweepers, but our quality of life can be determined by many factors like clean water and clean air which are … Read More

Street Sweeping & Toby’s Water Warriors in Lakeland, FL

Lakeland uses gutter brooms to keep their city clean looking clean and beautiful. The City of Lakeland has over 551 miles of road with curbs. They maintain 6 street sweepers that cover the streets twice every month. In one year, … Read More

What are Wafer Brooms?

A wafer is a round, thin piece of something, and a broom is a set of bristles used for sweeping. In street sweeping, wafer brooms work for a variety of cleaning and construction jobs. Road resurfacing and runway sweeping are … Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Mechanical Sweeper

  It’s no secret that mechanical sweepers are built to take on the roughest road conditions. They are responsible for helping keep our streets clean, which is a super tough job. Like all things that work hard, there is gradual … Read More