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Smith's Walk Behind Sweeper

A Tough Unit for All Tasks

Our walk behind sweeper, formerly known as the WB-36, offers a 25 inch diameter brush with 3 and 4 foot broom widths. With a powerful 8.5 horsepower all season engine, it's capable of sweeping up a variety of tasks from dirt to concrete rubble. This unit is ideal for sweeping sidewalks, roads, tracks, parking lots, and artificial turfs like driving ranges, cart paths, and putting greens. It's small and relatively lightweight design allows use by one person with a swiveling brush head capable of reaching those tight corners and narrow corridors.

    Designed for sweeping and maintaining of:
  • Sidewalks
  • Roadsides
  • Parking Lots
  • Golf Course Greens
  • Cart Paths
  • Construction Sites
  • Backfill
  • Prep for Striping and Seal Coating
  • Fluff Artificial Turf
  • De-thatch Lawns

Additional Options:
Sprinkler Kit, Turf Casters, Debris Box, Dirt Deflector


Powerful 8.5 HP All Season Engine Ground Drive Differential Unlock for
Easy Manuverability
5 Forward and 2 Reverse Speeds Mechanical Direct Center Drive for Broom
No Belts or Chains
Less Moving Parts Provides Less Maintenance Productive, standard brush speed 200 rpm 25-inch Diameter Brush 3 and 4 Foot Broom Widths Brush Hood Covers 120 Degrees Angle Change 20 Degrees Left and Right Standard 5-inch Casters Handlebar Mounted Swing Lock Release

Dynamic and Adaptable Walk Behind Sweeper

The WB-36, also known as Smith's Walk Behind Sweeper, is perfect for light and medium duty tasks such as snow and dirt removal. Road construction crews prefer the walk behind sweeper because of its versatility and maneuverability in tight spaces. The broom on this walk behind sweeper is made of wafer brushes. Wafer brushes can be changed out individually to reduce change over time and keep the sweeper on the job as long as possible. The wafer brush bristles can come with polypropylene, steel wire, or a mix of both.