Smith Equipment New Exclusive Florida Dealer for Ravo, Mathieu, & Scarab

Smith Equipment is here to deliver you the world’s best street and truck-mounted sweepers for all your needs.

Starting 2020, Fayat Group has announced that Smith Equipment is the first dealer for Ravo, Mathieu and Scarab equipment in the state of Florida. Smith Equipment is now part of the North American Dealer Group for Fayat.

Mathieu Street Sweepers

Mathieu offers a wide range of compact and innovative sweepers and unmatched performances for a better productivity. This large and complete range ensures the customer to find the solution perfectly adapted to every specific cleaning task you'll have face.

Mathieu Resources
Mathieu 110 Street Sweeper Brochure
Mathieu 210 Street Sweeper Brochure



Ravo Street Sweepers

RAVO machines are the absolute best compact mid-size street sweepers in the world. Their robust and distinctive appearance has been a common sight in cities all around the globe for many years. With an innovative outlook and strong partnership with customers, the company is always developing its products. RAVO sweepers are very high quality and extremely comfortable and reliable.

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Ravo Brochure
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Scarab Street Sweepers

Scarab are the pioneers of the environmentally friendly single-engine truck mounted sweeper including the CANbus control system and continue to lead the market in this field.

Scarab M65 Resources
Scarab M65 Brochure


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Ravo, Mathieu, and Scarab Sweeper Replacement Parts

Genuine parts are produced according to the highest standards of quality and durability and are designed to maintain optimal sweeping performance. Smith Equipment delivers top quality parts and performance of your sweepers!

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Sweepers, Parts & Service for Mathieu, Ravo, and Scarab Units

Smith Equipment is the Florida supplier for Mathieu, Ravo, and Scarab street sweepers, custom parts and service.