Roller Brush – King of Clean Produce

Citrus, produce, and other product application brushes are custom made for each job. Our brushes are used throughout various industries for cleaning sod, baking bread, brushing oranges clean or knocking the dirt off potatoes. Custom making our brushes in-house enables us to offer the highest quality brush at the most competitive price.

Our brush cores use cold rolled, galvanized, or stainless steel. For other industries, we offer a variety of special brush filaments from pex to horsehair. Straight or tumblecut bristle styles are also available. Let our expert staff guide you through the process and customize your brush for the task at hand.
Brush Core Steel:
- Cold Rolled
- Stainless
- Carbon

Bristle Style:
- Spiral Wound Coils - Straight
- Strips - Spiral Wound Core

- Channel 20 Gauge Steel
- Anchor Wire 14 Gage Steel

Bristle Material
- Pex
- Nylon
- Tampico
- Poly
- Polyester
- Horse Hair

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Clean your produce cheaply and effectively with Smith Roller and Rotary Brushes.

What is a Roller Brush used for?

One of our most popular specialty brushes is referred to as a Tumblecut brush. Tumblecut brushes are made from PEX plastic material which is softer than our traditionally used polypropylene. This softer, thinner bristle is ideal for the food service industry for cleaning various types of softer fruits and vegetables that commonly have ground debris attached. Cleaning tomatoes is made easy work by this type of roller brush. This roller brush is cut in waves and their bristles are set in the gap and groves of their neighboring brush. The end result acts like a produce sieve, cleaning the fruit as it matriculates through the brush.

Smith Equipment can make any industrial brush. If we don't have it, we'll make it. Guaranteed! We have specialized in making custom and specialty brushes for a variety of industries for over 50 years. Learn why Smith Equipmnent is preferred over any other manufacturer. Our brushes last longer and have more on-the-job time than any other competitor.