What Are Tube Brooms?

Tube brooms can be on the front, middle, or back of a street sweeping vehicle. They can be made from different materials like Polypropylene, a plastic-like material, steel, or a mix of both. You have probably seen them before when you notice the local street sweeper roll by.

Uses of Tube BroomsRed Tube Broom - Smith Equipment - Lakeland Florida

There are many uses for tube brooms. Almost anywhere you would use a street sweeper, a tube broom would make a good fit for the job. Most of our tube brooms are used for street sweeping but there are many other uses.

Other uses:

  • Cleaning road construction debris
  • Produce cleaning
  • Runway maintenance
  • Parking lot maintenance

Do you have an idea for a new use? At Smith Equipment, we will be able to help you bring your idea to life.

Steel Wire Tube Broom - Smith Equipment - Lakeland FloridaWho we are

Smith Equipment was founded in 1965 by James Smith. We are the southeast leader in the sales and production of industrial brooms. For over 50 years we have been manufacturing all kinds of brooms. We have a wide range of clientele from the U.S. Military, to local businesses maintaining their parking lot.

Did you know we can accommodate international orders? You can enjoy our long-lasting brooms regardless of where your business is! One of the ways our brooms are cheaper without cutting quality is we produce our own polypropylene for our sweeper brooms.

Custom Made Brooms

We can make custom tube brooms to fit your needs. Check out our tube broom selection!
Don’t see what you are looking for? Let us know and we will make it guaranteed!