Wafer Brushes for Bobcat Sweepers

The Bobcat Company leads the industry in compact equipment for construction. At Smith Equipment, we make wafer brushes for every brand and sweeper model. If you don’t see your brand here, odds are we still make it! Call us for … Read More

Meet One of Our Most Unique Customers

Here at Smith Equipment we have the opportunity to work with several different interesting businesses. We do have a large group of agricultural customers who use Smith brushes – including Keith Evans President of Lion Habitat Ranch in near Las … Read More

Wafer Broom and Sweeper Parts

These popular brushes get used the most by commercial street sweepers. Wafer broom brushes have a segmented design that allows for easy replacement. That enhances their adaptability. There are many colors, styles, and material choices to choose from. Some get … Read More

Smith Equipment Customizes Wafer Brooms for Municipalities

Municipalities are governments of a city or town with corporate status. They are responsible for keeping the streets clean in their area. With such a large area to be responsible for, they will have heavy duty needs and the best … Read More

How are ‘Poly’ Wafer Brooms Made?

‘Poly’ is short for polypropylene. Polypropylene is a chemical compound, or a plastic. According to Creative Mechanisms, ‘Polypropylene is one of the most commonly produced plastics in the world today.’ It get’s used for many other things like bottles, synthetic … Read More

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