Wafer Broom and Sweeper Parts

These popular brushes get used the most by commercial street sweepers. Wafer broom brushes have a segmented design that allows for easy replacement. That enhances their adaptability. There are many colors, styles, and material choices to choose from. Some get … Read More

Smith Equipment Customizes Wafer Brooms for Municipalities

Municipalities are governments of a city or town with corporate status. They are responsible for keeping the streets clean in their area. With such a large area to be responsible for, they will have heavy duty needs and the best … Read More

How are ‘Poly’ Wafer Brooms Made?

‘Poly’ is short for polypropylene. Polypropylene is a chemical compound, or a plastic. According to Creative Mechanisms, ‘Polypropylene is one of the most commonly produced plastics in the world today.’ It get’s used for many other things like bottles, synthetic … Read More

What are Wafer Brooms?

A wafer is a round, thin piece of something, and a broom is a set of bristles used for sweeping. In street sweeping, wafer brooms work for a variety of cleaning and construction jobs. Road resurfacing and runway sweeping are … Read More