Wafer Brushes for Bobcat Sweepers

The Bobcat Company leads the industry in compact equipment for construction. At Smith Equipment, we make wafer brushes for every brand and sweeper model. If you don’t see your brand here, odds are we still make it! Call us for details.. Check them out here.


There is road resurfacing where a crucial step is using a sweeper to go over the tilled road. Also having runway snow removal as a large use as well. Planes cannot land in snow covered areas as it can be very dangerous. During snow, machines with sweeper attachments sweep the snow off so the planes can land. Snow can often cause delays with landings and this helps speed things up. You also have trommel cleaning. Trommels are great big barrels that rotate to drop out small wood chips and dirt from firewood. The trommel has many bars that have spaces allowing for the small things to fall out below. They can get clogged and a sweeper can get them clean again for work. And cleaning the surface of the ground for general road maintenance is the most well known use.


We have many different wafer brooms. To order, know the size of your Bobcat sweeper attachment. For example, Bobcat – 54″ Pickup Broom Sweeper Attachment. Then from there, we have four other measurements. The set is the amount of the two kinds you would need to fill your attachment. Like 32 flat or 28 convoluted, so that way you know the right amount to order. Convoluted wafer brooms are in a shape that resembles a zigzag and will pick up dirt better. Next is the length. Something like 40″ to 70″ would be normal for the length. Last is the inner and outer diameters.