The Amazingness of a Street Sweeper

We put a lot of pride into the cleanliness of our homes and personal properties. We implement spring cleanings on daily occasions and invest in landscaping for our yards. Why? Because we care about living in a clean space!

What about the streets in our communities? Rarely do we give much thought to how our streets stay clean. How is it possible to keep such a large number of roadways clean?

The Amazingness of a Street Sweeper - Smith Equipment

Intro the street sweepers!

Street sweepers use industrial brushes to pick up trash and debris to put on conveyor belts and moved into a storage unit within the machine. Without street sweepers, we would have be doing this all probably by hand it would take ten times as long.

Here are some fun facts about street sweepers:

  • There are a large number of moving parts that are involved in a street sweeper, each part is integral to the job of a sweeper.
  • The machines use heavy duty diesel to maintain the longevity of the street sweeper.
  • The brooms on a sweeper are capable of spinning at high rates of speed sometimes fitting in 4,000 full rotations in one minute.
  • There is usually a high powered vacuum inside the broom in order to such debris into the “hopper.”

What street sweepers do for residents

It’s simple: street sweepers keep our streets clean! It’s nice to live in communities where there isn’t copious amounts of trash and debris lying all in the roads. However this isn’t the only thing street sweepers help us out with, they also keep our water systems clean. By removing trash from our streets, it keeps it from going into our drainage systems and contaminating our local water. So next time your sipping on a fresh glass of water or navigating the streets of your hometown, think about street sweepers and what they do for the community.