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The Tennant Centurion Mechanical Sweeper uses a 68" long tube broom with 2 side-mounted gutter brooms. The tube broom can be filled with 100% polypropylene bristles of a 50% blend of polypropylene and steel wire bristles.

The Tennant Centurion is a highly maneuverable vehicle sweeper that is ideal for aggressive applications such as construction side clean-up and road maintenance. The Centurion features an adjustable float bar that keeps the main broom at a consistent height during use over uneven surfaces.

    Tennant Sentinel Sweeper Brushes
  • (1) 68" Main - Tube Broom
  • (2) 44" Side Brooms
    using 5 Segment Elgin Blocks or 4 Segment Wayne Blocks
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Tennant Centurion Mechanical Sweeper