Strip Brooms | Air Port Sweepers, Street Sweepers, and more.

Strip Brooms provide an effective alternative to open tube brushes. Strip brooms are stored more easily, easier to dispose of, and is built with modular construction allowing specific strips to be changed without unmounting the brush mandrel or core. Each brush strip is made with virgin polypropylene filament which allows it to be recycled and retain a long lasting rigidity. Our strips use a plastic channel backing that slides into a plastic or steel channel on the brush's mandrel. Strip brushes can be made in a traditional style or in staple set depending on the application. Strip Broom bristles are made of polypropylene or a mix of poly and steel wire. Our steel wire is a perfect addition to the strip broom filament as it's density and length allow it to be aggressive when in use.

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Depending on your length, one set is 13 or 18 strip segments.