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Tempered vs. Quenched Gutter Broom Wire

In the gutter broom industry, your suppliers should be telling you what kind of steel wire you're getting. In gutter broom manufacturing, there are two main types of steel wire:
  • Oil quenched wire
  • Oil tempered wire
Oil quenched steel wire is cold rolled steel that is covered in a lubricating oil to help reduce rust and friction. This type of steel wire is cheaper and may wear faster. This is most commonly used for road sweeping. This type of gutter broom wire should never be used for airport maintenance as pieces of the wire left over from sweeping could be embedded or laying on the asphalt.

Oil tempered steel wire is tempered after the forming process which aligns the steel molecules into a lattice. This heating process allows the wire to retain it's memory and makes it far more resilient. Oil tempered wire is the only steel wire used in sensitive applications like airport maintenance and runway clearing.

Gutter Broom and Block Options

Gutter Brooms offer a variety of styles and filaments.
Block Styles: Wooden Round-tops, Wood Blocks, Co-Polymer (plastic) Blocks

Gutter Broom Filaments: Polypropylene, Steel Wire, or both.
Filament Colors: Red, Yellow, Green, White, Blue, Mil. Spec. Green, Black

Angled Wafer Brushes

Did you know that an angled wafer works like a gutter broom?
Angled Wafer Brushes can serve as gutter brooms, curb cutters, or even ground harvesting brushes. Angled Wafers are described by giving their inner diameter by the length of the bristle. In this case, a 10x36'' wafer means the inner hole is 10 inches and radius of the bristles is 36 inches.

Buying Gutter Brooms

There is a growing level of competition on gutter brooms. At Smith Equipment, we know that choosing a higher price doesn't always mean getting a better quality brush. If you were to base your purchasing experience solely off of the price, you might find a product that was less than cost effective. It's important to know the basics about gutter brooms when your deciding what to purchase.

Most gutter broom blocks are Elgin or Mobil. While we stock all major block brands, these two sell more due to their frequency of use. When it comes to gutter broom blocks, there's three distinct types. Wooden Round-tops, wooden blocks, and co-polymer blocks make up the bulk of the gutter boom family. The most common form of gutter broom block is the heavy co-polymer block which is also highly impact resistant. These blocks are made to spec. For example, an Elgin gutter broom block has exactly 31 holes and each hole should have 18 steel wires.

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Gutter brooms are made at our in-house factory in the USA. We only use oil quenched or oil tempered wire depending on your application. We sell fully assembled gutter brooms or the gutter broom blocks without the bristles. Contact us today for your FREE quote.