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Tube Brooms for Rosco Sweep Pro SweeperThe Rosco Sweep Pro is an ideal sweeper for contractors and municipalities. Equipped with a deadicated 90" Tube Broom, it makes up the entire sweeping path. While this sweeper has no side brooms, it's maneuverability and adjustments of the main broom are unmatched. The Leeboy Rosco sweeper line also features an original technology from Smith Equipment called the Quick Change Broom Core. Using this technology, Rosco sweepers can complete changeovers more quickly than other brands. The Rosco Sweep Pro can use tube brooms filled with 100% polypropylene or a 50/50 blend of polypropylene and steel wire bristles.

    Rosco Sweep Pro Tube Broom
  • (1) 90" Main - Tube Broom
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Rosco Sweep Pro Mechanical Sweeper