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Tube Brooms for FMC Vanguard SweeperThe FMC Vanguard mechanical sweeper is one of the best tri-wheeled sweepers on the market. Equipped with a 56.5" tube Broom and two 47" side brooms, this sweeper offers an impressive sweeping path that can make tight corners or clear a large path. Worried about dust? This sweeper can support the PM-10 water misting system for better air quality during sweeping. This particular sweeper can use tube brooms filled with 100% polypropylene or a 50/50 blend of polypropylene and steel wire bristles.

    FMC Vanguard Sweeper Brushes
  • (1) 56.5" Main - Tube Broom
  • (2) 47" Side Brooms
    using 4 Segment Wayne Blocks or 12 Segment Clip-Ons
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FMC Vanguard Mechanical Sweeper