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Tube Brooms for Elgin Broom Bear SweeperThe Elgin Broom Bear is an ideal sweeper for contractors and municipalities. Equipped with a 60" Tube Broom with two 46" side brooms, the Elgin Pelican has a combined sweeping radius of 120 inches. This particular sweeper uses a floated trailing arm that suspends the main broom. It autmatically adjusts the tube broom's position in reference to the road's surface. The Elgin Broom Bear can use tube brooms filled with 100% polypropylene or a 50/50 blend of polypropylene and steel wire bristles.

    Elgin Broom Bear Sweeper Brushes
  • (1) 60" Main - Tube Broom
    older Broom Bear Sweepers can take 58" tube brooms
  • (2) 46" Side Brooms
    using 5-6 Segment Elgin Blocks
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Elgin Broom Bear Mechanical Sweeper